Anti Mold Coating | Applications of Anti-Mold Coating | Evolving Elements

What to expect during and after the application of anti mold coating?

Evolving Elements Anti-Mould Plus+ is a premium broad spectrum water based biocide. This means that it effectively inhibits the growth of moss and lichen on surfaces that have been treated. This is an important step in the process for projects that involve cement and terracotta roofs. Our product also applies cleanly to a range of other substrates, just prior to applying primer and subsequent coatings.

Every step in a mold remediation plan is essential. However, the application of an anti mold coating with mold-inhibitors or antimicrobial additives will fend off further growth of mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria on the coating’s surface for the long term.

Here is what to expect with the Evolving Elements mold resistant coatings:

Long-term protective coatings that breathe.

  • Contains EPA registered mould-inhibitors and anti-microbial additives
  • Prevent the re-growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew on the coatings
  • Formulated for long term performance
  • Breathable coatings allow damp materials to continue to dry even after coating application
  • Ideal product for use on water damage restoration projects and in high humidity areas
  • Water-based formulation
  • Products are low-odor minimizing unpleasant smells during application.
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Easy application with a nice, clean finish.

  • Applied in the same way as latex house paints
  • Available in different finishes.

Application Method:
Firstly, remember to mix thoroughly with a broad, flat stirrer. Do not thin this product as it is in a  ready to use form.

  • Evolving Elements Anti-Mould Plus+ can be applied using a roller, brush, pad, HVLP spray equipment or airless spray equipment.
  • If applying on roofs, application with a garden type weed sprayer is recommended. If using airless spray equipment, a 15 thou tip and white gun filter is recommended.
  • Apply enough Evolving Elements Anti-Mould Plus+ to adequately “wet” the surface.
  • When applied as part of a roof restoration, Evolving Elements Anti-Mould Plus+ must be over coated using the appropriate components selected from the Evolving Elements range.

What should I expect during and after application?

Application and dry time

An odor similar to latex house paints may be present until the coating is fully dried. The coating’s drying process typically takes a few days, but is contingent on factors, such as:

  • Humidity levels: The lower the humidity, the quicker the drying process.
  • Good ventilation: Good ventilation and dry air movement will promote the drying process. Wet, coated surfaces should never be covered with plastic, drywall or finishes, as it will hinder the drying process.
  • Equipment used: This might include air movers, negative air machines, fans and dehumidifiers.

Finished appearance

Natural Wood knots and the wood’s grain, color, and porosity may have noticeable variations in the coating’s appearance when applied correctly.

However, this is normal and does not affect the coating’s resistance to mold growth. The tested areas show no mold growth where the coating appears lighter due to variations in the wood. Pre-existing stains and markings that may show will also not affect the coating’s mold resistance.